Saving on Kitchen Remodels

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IMG_1161Kitchen remodeling can have a significant effect on the appeal of your home, whether you are selling it or just simply looking to make a change. What some people don’t understand is the fact that you do not necessarily have to spend thousands of dollars on the remodel as long as you do it properly. You can get a unique, finished and upper crust look out of your kitchen just by implementing some basic ideas.

Remodel as per your needs

What a number of people tend to forget when they start out remodeling a kitchen is to ensure that the new design meets all of your needs. People that spend a lot of time in the kitchen need to be comfortable with the ease of access to everything that they need. This is the most essential aspect of any new design. The individual should not need to run from one end to the other throughout the course of preparing a meal. Everything essential and most commonly used should be in close proximity to the area of most work.

Given the fact that the burner is the center of the kitchen, a lot of people tend to go overboard with this purchase and buy something that may be too large for the amount of food they prepare. Scale back to what you need in this department and you could save a significant amount of money by simply avoiding spending copious amounts on something that you’d probably never use.

Use a blend of high end and low-end materials

The look of the wood is an essential part of making sure that your kitchen looks good. However, the important part of that statement is ‘look of the wood’. With the various laminates you get nowadays, you can make plywood look like teak without actually having to spend the large amounts of money on actual teak. It will still provide the upper crust finishing that you are looking to accomplish when done right. This is not to say that you should use only cheaper materials to remodel your kitchen. Finding a balance between the expensive merchandise and the cheaper ones can help you remain within a set budget and give you an outstanding looking kitchen.

With the money that a number of people save on cabinets by choosing to use the cheaper, yet durable, options – it is easy to understand why some people would be tempted to splurge on an expensive counter top. However, it is important to avoid the temptation, as it would only serve to push up the costs when a great look can be accomplished with much cheaper options.

Other materials that can save money

While expensive materials can easily be used to achieve a certain look in the kitchen, the same can be easily achieved with cheaper materials. Kitchen cabinets usually turn out to be the most expensive part of the entire project. If your cabinets are in reasonably good shape but you are not happy with the finish, you may want to simply get rid of the old finish and stain them the way your like. Something you should always keep in mind is the fact that old kitchen appliances add to the ‘dated’ look that you might experience in your kitchen. Simply changing everything else in your kitchen but retaining the old appliances may leave you feeling rather underwhelmed with the entire change over.

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