Prelisting Inspections for Sellers

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property in englandPrelisting inspections are a very important part of making sure that you get the best value on a house. The fact that there is a huge number of houses up for sale in today’s volatile financial market means that there are more options than ever. Studies have shown that while in previous times the major problem being faced by the realty market was the lack of buyers – this is not the case today. The problem of today stems from the economical climate and probably from the inability of the sales agents to aggressively market the houses in the portfolio to sell fast and for a high price. Pre-listing inspections of a home is widely considered to be the first step in fast-tracking a sale.

Take control

Prelisting home inspections play a very important role in setting realistic targets for the sale of properties abroad. For instance, a prelisting sale will allow the property to be inspected by a neutral third party and therefore allow you to hear his or her views with an unbiased thought pattern. When prospective homeowners visit the house, they will usually use the inspection for the negotiating purposes to drive the price down. However, when it has already gone through a prelisting inspection, you will almost always know about not only the problems with the house, but also the advantages that you can use to get the expected price.

Another thing to consider is the fact that the prelisting inspector is tied in with the market rates – especially around that particular area – and get an inside opinion on how much you can expect to get for the house even in a volatile market. Any problems with the house found during the inspection may also give you enough time to correct before you actually list the house – driving up the amount you can quote to prospective buyers.

Negotiation power

Being aware of the problems that exist in the house will allow you to be able to be better at negotiations when dealing with prospective customers. While they point out problems that you are already aware of, you will not be thrown off-guard and can talk about the many advantages that the house offers in terms of their lifestyle as well as the convenience of the neighborhood that surrounds the house.

Also, if the prospective purchasers continue talking about the repairs and the cost for which will need to be knocked off the overall cost of the purchase, you will generally not know the exact cost without having done a prelisting inspection and getting quotations for any repairs. As a result, there is a huge chance that you would be willing to knock off a huge chunk of money in order to push through the sale. On the other hand, if you were to have the house repaired yourself before showing it to someone, you would know the exact amount it cost to repair the house and can also ensure that you have the upper hand in terms of the fact that the problem doesn’t exist anymore.

What inspections to consider

If you are an independent seller and not going through an agent to get the deal done, home inspectors may not be as amiable towards you as they would be towards an agent that gives them a lot of business. But that does not mean that you allow them to low-ball you over on the report. Ensure that they perform a thorough inspection – while also paying close attention to the roof. Inspecting the roof is something that a lot of them might not take too seriously, but it is an essential part of the inspection and could prove to be the costliest in case there is a problem. Also remember the fact that the inspection is likely to cost a significant amount of money – so make sure it’s done right.

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